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Updated: Apr 29

If you're a teenager like me, stuck at home in the midst of a global pandemic or someone who really just has a lot of time up their sleeves, then this post is made for you. Clearly, people who have a very hectic schedule won't be reading this to begin with!

So, what should you really do in your free time?

The key is to do lot's of productive things. Yes, even when you're free from your work. The only difference is that the other work, could be something you don't necessarily enjoy (depends) and this work, is fun and frivolous. Keeping yourself occupied, especially with things that are fun or things that you simply love doing, boosts your mood. Although I'd be no one to tell you what to do and what not to do, inculcating productivity in your free time is far more better than just wasting around!

So, the question is, what 'productive' things can you do?

Well, there are many answers to this.

  1. Reading.

This had to be the first one on the list. Why? Because not only can ready be very entertaining, it also has many benefits! It leads to progress in vocabulary, reduces stress, makes you develop good concentration skills, writing skills and overall, it's just really beneficial for your brain and mental health. There are many avid readers, who already don't need to be suggested to read, and there are some, who do not take pleasure in reading. But that's alright, you can always pick up a good magazine or a nice comic book to get into reading!

2. Maintaining a Diary/Journal.

Documenting different things about your life like your thoughts, your ideas, your strategies, your likes and dislikes, your day-to-day activities can be really wholesome. And it's also a great source of pleasure, refreshment and relaxation! To be able to express your thoughts freely, to reflect on them, to dwell upon them and get your mind clear off certain things are very effective when it comes to the positive development of your mind and brain. You discover a lot about yourself when you maintain a diary or a journal. It helps you express yourself more freely in different ways, it enables you to think clearly and also very positively.

3. Baking/Cooking.

There's nothing like a plate full of good food! Especially when you bake or cook it yourself! Cooking/Baking is a LOT more fun than you believe it to be. For some, it's a hobby/passion and for some, it's just trying out different things! But at the end of the day, all of us enjoy it. So, why not do more of it in your free time? It's always a good thing to experiment, but keep in mind, it should be done carefully. There's so many amazing recipes out there that you can find!

4. Socializing.

Due to the pandemic, we're all confined to the walls of our houses. It becomes very difficult to keep in touch with everyone, which can be a little straining on the mind, because once in awhile, social interaction is a must. So, in your free time, remind yourself to check on your friends and family! Call them, chat with them online, do it as much as you can! It's very essential to maintain a good social life and converse with different people, it can be a big boost for your mental health!

5. Educating yourself on important global matters, news and lot's of other major topics!

This is one thing that is extremely crucial. It is necessary for us to stay connected to the happenings of the world and have a general sense of what's going around. Make sure to read the news everyday, to know more about the important events taken place and the political and global matters. Try not to be ignorant towards these things, because they're all exceptionally vital!

The list to this is actually very endless. There is just no limit. You can do a number of fun things and feel great about it! If you're really engrossed with different things you love doing, then it's very easy to receive a sense of satisfaction. After all, be able to sleep peacefully at the end of the day, knowing you've done your best is all that really matters!

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